Young Adult Ministry Tips is inspired by my eleven plus years serving in young adult ministry. I have added material that I think is critical for your young adult ministry whether it is just a Sunday School class of three or four or if it is a program with hundreds of people involved. We are in the process of changing the layout of our site. It has been our experience that people that come to our site have one of two perspectives when it comes to young adult ministry. They represent either a home church or a sister church. A home church is defined as a church with young adults that go to church that leave the area to attend college and return for holidays and the summer break. A sister church is a church located near at least one college that students attend while school is in session. We have added a schedule for each type of church. You can click the home church schedule or the sister church schedule to view them. In addition to the fellowship and ministry ideas, the resources/links section includes links for some young adult material.  If you have and suggestions or comments, click here to email me.  We also have just added a new evaluation section.  Fill out the form and will we help you evaluate your young adult program.  We are in the process of adding young adult ministry content to our site.  Thanks for coming and God Bless!